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Emphasizing Parker's newsletter article

07/22/2019 8:57 AM | Linda Walton

I’m sorry but I just have to say something. Am I the only one disturbed about losing Vision’s on Thursday nights? To my way of thinking, this is a big deal and it certainly does not bode well for our club. I know we now have Wednesday instead, but for how long? If we don’t support Wednesday nights, we will lose that also. Personally, this warrants concern because I have always felt, since being introduced to the shag in 2003, that the beginner lessons are a tremendous asset to the club. The lessons bring in new people, and some, certainly not all, choose to join. Some of those become active club members, some become friends, and what’s most important, they become SHAGGERS. After all, the mission of the RSC is to “promote the dance”, it says it right there on your membership card. What’s more, I find our lack of support for Thursday night to be a paradox, because we thrive on Tuesdays, it’s great fun. And we support our other functions very well, such as the golf tournament, the Boogie on the James, the Jingle Bell Ball, the Silent Auction, and other events. We are an active bunch, except when it comes to Thursday (now Wednesday) nights and our beginner classes. And hey, I don’t buy the argument that the lessons take too long, that they eat into our dance time. They’re over by 8 at the latest, more often than not before that time. That leaves at least two hours of dance time, of steady, uninterrupted music, with no breaks. Let me ask you this; can you dance for two hours? Well, I dance a lot and I’ll

answer that question for you; no you physically cannot. There’s more time for dancing following the lesson than you will use. Here’s the thing some of you may not realize. There are about 100 shag clubs in existence and I doubt if many of the others have as sweet a deal as we do when it comes to having a place to dance two nights a week, at no charge and at no expense. Lots of clubs have a cover charge (not allowed at Visions), charge for their lessons (ours are free and unlimited), and probably have the expense of a DJ (Visions foots this bill). All we have to do is show up, socialize and dance. Of course it helps if we support Visions, our business partner, by buying a beverage or two and maybe some food (also free if you are there before Happy Hour ends at 7). So, here’s my plea. If you’re a member of the RSC, or not, why don’t you come to Visions some Wednesday evening? Beverly and I taught the beginner classes in May, and one night I counted 15 “regulars” there. Come on, we can do better than that. I’m not suggesting every Wednesday mind you, I know there’s competition, especially during the summer months. But a few, or several, coming by even sporadically, can make a big difference. It’s a night we have visitors, it’s an opportunity to make that all-important first impression. Why not put the RSC back on your radar screen? Introduce yourself to, talk to, and dance with a beginner or two. It’s fun, and you never know, you may be dancing with a future RSC president. -Parker

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